1. Introduction to CPQ
2. Introduction to QLE, Steps to configure QLE Page
3. Drawer in Quote Line Editor Salesforce CPQ
4. Type of Products in Salesforce CPQ
5. Pricing Methods in Salesforce CPQ
6. Prorate Precision and Prorate Multiplier
7. Step to Step Guide to Configure CPQ Bundles
8. Twin Fields and Bundle Attributes
9. Option Constrain
10. Nested Bundle
11. Product Rules and Its Type
12. Alert and Validation Product Rules
13. Summary Variable
14. Filter Product Rule
15. Selection Product Rule
16. Price Rule
17. Lookup Queries
18. Custom Actions And Search Filter
19. Guided Selling
20. Discounting in CPQ
21. Contracted Pricing
22. Configuring and Generating Quote Templates
23. Creating Contracts, and Renewals