What Is Vlocity (Omnistudio)?

In more simple language Vlocity is a managed package build on salesforce that helps to provide industry-specific needs. With the help of Vlocity we can build high-end applications in a faster and low code environment.  

Vlocity ( also called Omnistudio ) provides us a drag-drop-based tool that helps customers to create business-specific flows with just clicks instead of creating the custom code. With the help of build-in tools Omnistudio also provides us the option to interact with other applications to share the data. To know more about Vlocity in general please check this link.

What Is OmniStudio Architecture

Similar to all other applications, Vlocity also has three layers - Front End, Back End, and Deployment. So Vlocity provides three layers to build an application -
  1. Digital Experience (Front End)
  2. Service Management ( Back End)
  3. Developer Experience (Deployment)

Digital Experience (Front End)

This is the UI Engine. It has all the UI components that users can select and drag to the action area. Based on the business requirement we need to select the right component. This layer is the entry point for the back-end layer. We link the back-end elements to the components to perform any action. The UI Engine is again divided into 2 categories-

  • FlexCards
  • OmniScripts
comes under this. 

FlexCards If you want to show more fields in less space then Flexcard is the option. Flex cards are used to show information glance. This is a drag-drop-based tool that lets you quickly configure a screen, preview, and debug. With the help of this tool, you can build something that looks like this-

OmniScript is used to provide the guided path to users to follow the business flows. That means you can show different screens in a sequence. 

What we can do with OmniScripts-- let us say you need to search an account and then edit some of the fields of that account. the first screen is the Account Search page where users need to type the account name and based on the text, Omniscript will call a Back end action and display the data. Users can select the correct account and hit the next button. After that, a new screen will appear. In that screen, some fields are read-only and some are editable. It also has some buttons as well(Save, Cancel). Users can update any field and hit the save button. The save button will again fire a backend action and commit the value in the database and the page will reopen the first account search screen with a success message.

With the help of OmniScript we can build pages easily, efficiently and all that are done by a drag-drop-based tool. This is also fully configurable so according to the needs it can be designed. We can also call another omniscript from one omniscript.

Service Management (Back End)

This layer is used to deal with backend logic and data. Service Management is handle reading - writing the data from salesforce and from other external sources by integrations.
It has 2 parts -

  • OmniStudio Dataraptors 
  • OmniStudio Integration Procedures
OmniStudio Dataraptors OmniStudio Dataraptors is used to do data-related tasks like read, write and transform the data from other sources. Dataraptors has 4 parts -

  • DataRaptor Turbo Extract: As the name said "Turbo Extract", it is used to get the data from a single object. The data retrieval speed in this component is the most efficient. If on your page the requirement is to return only a single object then you should go with this option.  
  • DataRaptor Extract: In most of the time we need to deal with more than one object on the page, in that case, vlocity provides us this option. To return more than one object use DataRaptor Extract.
  • DataRaptor Load: To update the data back to salesforce we need to use this component. 
  • DataRaptor Transform: If your data is not only in salesforce and you want to retrieve that data and show that into Omniscript/flexcards then you need to use DataRaptor Transform tool. This tool is fast and reliable to perform such actions. 

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