Pre and Post benefits of joining this program
  • We will provide lifetime access to this course.
  • Resume Builder assistance for 3 months.
  • Vlocity org and Vlocity success community access for 3 months.
  • One on One session in case of any doubt.
  • Hands-on Exercises to improve your learning.

Vlocity Live Class Training Program

SFDCGYM’s Vlocity Live Class Training Program helps tech professionals and aspirants to obtain seamless training in various aspects of Vlocity, including Dataraptors, Integrations, Omniscripts, Orchestration, Templates, and much more.

If you are looking for an extensive training program that helps you get well-versed with the world of Salesforce and Vlocity, you have landed just on the right page! SFDCGYM’s live training sessions allow you to master the different Vlocity domains and equip you with skills that would land you jobs in reputed enterprises.

If you are a fresher and have little to no knowledge about Vlocity, let us brief you about the same.

What Is Vlocity?

Vlocity is a cloud-based enterprise-level business management software developed natively on Salesforce. It provides some of the biggest companies across the globe with industry-specific solutions and software applications (web and mobile) for streamlining their processes.

Being industry-specific, Vlocity allows users to develop applications and solutions that deal with the aspects unique to a particular industry. It takes into consideration the laws and standards applying to a specific industry while designing solutions. Owing to the pre-built nature of Vlocity solutions, it helps organizations save a considerable amount of money on development and configuration.

Working with Vlocity allows you to cater to a number of industries, including:

                Energy and utilities

                Mass media




As the solutions are built natively on Salesforce, it allows users to innovate their offerings and cater to the specific needs of their customers.

Benefits Of Getting Trained In Vlocity

Integration With Salesforce

The biggest advantage of getting trained in Vlocity is its integration with Salesforce. This helps users in undertaking complete, fast, and precise interactions over multiple communication channels.

Seamless Mobile Customization

Vlocity allows users to develop applications with seamless mobile customization. This helps users in working on the go and provides them with the utmost flexibility in work.

Omnichannel Support

Vlocity provides seamless and omnichannel support to businesses through responsive applications. Right from call centers and retail locations to reseller channels and indirect partner channels, Vlocity applications help users connect with their customers across multiple channels. Moreover, this allows organizations to provide targeted offers to their customers for up-selling and cross-selling their offerings.

Extensive CRM Analytics

As they are built on Salesforce, Vlocity applications provide users with seamless and extensive CRM analytics for customer service, marketing, sales, and community. Vlocity provides companies with powerful analytics features without imitating the features of Salesforce.

Increased Focus On The Customers

Vlocity allows users to have more focus on the customers and less focus on the software itself. This helps organizations in building personalized buying experiences for their customers and developing healthy relations with them.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence

The functionality of Vlocity applications can be leveraged by incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning. This allows users to obtain valuable insights about the data managed by the applications and undertake predictive analytics to improve their processes.

Smart Integrations

Vlocity applications can be readily integrated with suitable third-party applications and solutions to provide a unified interface to the users. This prevents them from switching platforms for undertaking specific processes helps them reconcile their data between the integrated applications.

Low-code Development

Vlocity applications do not require the developers to write extensive lines of code and spend a considerable amount of time in development. The low-code development ensures that robust applications are built with minimal code without compromising the quality of the applications.

Why Should You Join Our Training Program?

Lifetime Access

We provide the trainees with lifetime access to the training program and the course offered by us. You can refer to the training resources any time in the future for reference purposes and to brush up on your knowledge regarding Vlocity.

Experienced Trainers

Our Vlocity training program is designed and executed by some of the most skilled and experienced experts in the industry. These experts will guide you every step of the way and clear all your doubts regarding the course.

Resume Builder Assistance For 3 Months

Once you are enrolled in the Vlocity training program, our team provides you with resume builder assistance for a period of 3 months. This would help you create a unique and appealing resume that includes the skills learned during the course of the training program. We aim at helping you secure suitable jobs in some of the biggest companies in the industry.

Access To Vlocity Org And Vlocity Community

On being a part of the training program, SFDCGYM provides you with free access to Vlocity org and the Vlocity Community. This provides you with hands-on experience in working on the platform and applying the skills learned during the course of the program.

Ideal For Freshers

Even if you are fresher willing to enter into the world of software development and deployment, our training program will provide you with all the assistance you need. The course begins with a comprehensive introduction to the basics of Vlocity and explains every concept from scratch. Moreover, regular assessments help freshers in assessing the skills they have learned and the progress they have made.

One-on-one Sessions

In case you are in doubt, we have a provision for one-on-one sessions with the mentors. Here, you can directly interact with the industry experts and get your issues resolved effectively.

Hands-on Exercises

To solidify the lessons you learn and keep a track of your progress, we provide you with hands-on exercises at regular intervals. This allows you to brush up on your knowledge and helps us improve our training program.

High Relevance

Our Vlocity training program makes sure that you learn skills and technologies that are relevant in the market. We understand the dynamic nature of technological advancements and are dedicated to keeping you in sync with the latest trends in the industry.

If you are willing to explore the realm of seamless software development with Vlocity, join our live class training program and start an insightful journey towards mastering the domain. Contact us today to book your slot and get started with the training program.