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  • We will provide lifetime access to this course.
  • Resume Builder assistance for 3 months.
  • One on One session in case of any doubt.
  • Hands-on Exercises to improve your learning.

LWC And Aura Live Class Training Program

Get thoroughly trained in Salesforce development by learning the components of LWC (Lightning Web Components) and Aura. Stay ahead of the curve by obtaining expertise in the core Salesforce development tools.

Over time, Salesforce development has gone through a significant change. From Visualforce, the development moved Aura, which further shifted to Lightning Web Development.

Our LWC and Aura training program is designed to help you understand the different Salesforce development frameworks and make you capable of building robust Salesforce applications. Right from the basics to advanced applications, the course deals with a myriad of aspects about these two major development components.

What Is The Aura Framework?

In simple words, Aura is a framework used for developing mobile and desktop applications on Salesforce. It allows Salesforce developers to build applications that are independent of the data stored in the Salesforce CRM, making the process less disruptive for daily Salesforce users. As Aura applications do not need to be optimized for every device, it enables the effective development of Salesforce applications.

The Aura framework was introduced by Salesforce in 2014 with the launch of Salesforce the Lightning Component Framework. The component-driven model was welcomed by Salesforce users as it helped them build large-scale applications.

Benefits Of Getting Trained In Aura Framework

Working With OOTB (out of the box) Components

Being well-versed with Aura allows you to work with OOTB components that ensure that the applications do not need to be optimized for different devices.

Compatibility With Latest Browsers

Aura allows you to develop applications that are compatible with the latest browser versions.

Quick Development

The use of OOTB components leads to quick and hassle-free development as compared to Visualforce.

As the years passed, new technological advancements were made to the Lightning Component Framework to leverage the development of web applications on Salesforce. This gave rise to the new Lightning Web Components (LWC).

What Are Lightning Web Components?

Lightning Web Components (LWC) is a stack of advanced lightweight frameworks built on the latest web standards. Being a Document Object Model (DOM), LWC allows developers to create dynamic interfaces through reusable codes without using JavaScript or building a dedicated library. The flexible and feasible nature of the framework makes development quick and seamless.

Benefits Of Getting Trained In LWC

Faster Site Loading

Getting trained in LWC allows you to develop web pages that are faster to load and access.

Better Memory Management

Built on lightweight web components, LWC is more efficient in memory management as compared to the Aura framework. This is also the reason why LWC runs faster than Aura.

Easy Debugging

Learning LWC facilitates easy and simple debugging for Salesforce developers, making the framework easy to understand and operate.

Standardized Functionality

LWC makes use of core web components, offering developers everything required for faster browser performance using coding languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

High Security

LWC comes with in-built browser security features that allow the secure development of applications. This makes the users rest assured that their data is safe while using the applications.

Two-way Data Binding

LWC allows developers to bind data sources from providers and consumers and synchronize the same. This helps you coordinate the movement of data between different components.

Why Should You Join Our Training Program?

Lifetime Access Through LMS

SFDCGYM provides you with lifetime access to the course materials and resources once you enroll in our live Aura and LWC training program. Our seamless learning management system helps you in referring to specific topics and subjects of the course anytime in the future after you are through with the program.

Training By Industry Experts

The Aura and LWC live training sessions are conducted by some of the best experts in the industry. The course is designed and executed by subject matter experts having an amount of experience in the IT industry.

One-on-one Sessions With The Experts

In case you find any difficulty during the course of the Aura and LWC training program, you can always ask for a one-on-one session with the experts. SFDCGYM facilitates these sessions to clear all your doubts and resolve your issues directly through the industry experts conducting the training program.

Resume Builder Assistance

We are dedicated to helping you build an impressive resume and secure jobs in reputed organizations in the industry. Along with the training program, SFDCGYM provides you with personalized resume builder assistance for 3 months to add the skills you learn to your resume. We help you create a professional resume that would instantly impress recruiters across the board.

Ideal For Non-technical Trainees

Our Aura and LWC live training program is suitable for trainees with little to no insight into the platform. We start the course by introducing the framework of Aura and LWC from scratch. Even if you are just entering the world of Salesforce and CRM, you will never find yourself lost or confused during the training program.

Exercised For Improved Learning

In order to increase the impact of the training program, we provide you with hands-on exercised related to Aura and LWC on a periodic basis. This would allow you to brush up on the lessons learned and prepare you for the topics to be covered thereafter.

Staying Relevant To Technological Trends

Our Aura and LWC training program is designed to help you learn tools and features that are in sync with the latest technological advancements in the industry. This would help you stay updated with the prevalent tools and stay in tune with the current trends in the market.

Getting You Industry-ready

Our training program is designed to prepare you for the industry and secure Salesforce developer jobs in renowned organizations. By the time you are done with the course, you would be well-versed with the nitty-gritty details about the frameworks and proficient with its functionality.

If you are willing to venture into the world of advanced Salesforce development, enroll in our Aura and LWC live training classes today. Get in touch with us in case of any queries and start your journey with us.