Pre and Post benefits of joining this program

  • We will provide lifetime access to this course.
  • Resume Builder assistance for 3 months.
  • One on One session in case of any doubt.
  • Hands-on Exercises to improve your learning.

Salesforce Live Class Training Program

Get trained in Salesforce by understanding the CRM platform from scratch and getting well-versed with its tools and features.

Salesforce has been dominating the CRM market for more than two decades now. It is one of the most preferred platforms to handle the customer database of an organization and provide personalized services to the customers. In 2021, it is important for an organization to be in sync with the latest technological advancements and work on automated platforms. Salesforce allows companies to streamline a number of their business processes and develop applications to leverage their functionality.

Our Salesforce training program is designed to help aspiring Salesforce professionals and existing IT professionals to learn the technology and master the same to secure desirable jobs. Whether you are fresher willing to enter the world of CRM or a professional wanting to migrate to Salesforce, you have landed on the right page!

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM platform that helps organizations in recording, storing, tracking, and analyzing their customer databases. It helps users make sense of their records to provide personalized services to their customers. Salesforce can be used by organizations to automate a number of business processes and streamline the services they provide to their clients.

Benefits Of Getting Trained In Salesforce

Effective Lead Management

Being well-versed in Salesforce helps you in automating the lead management processes. Right from the moment a lead is captured, the CRM platform helps sales reps to nurture it by adding it to an automated sales pipeline. Here, users can score the leads based on their behavior and prioritize them to get the desired traction.

Integrating With Third-party Applications

Salesforce training helps you in integrating the platform with suitable third-party applications. This allows users to obtain a single unified platform to perform a range of processes. Based on the purpose you want to serve and the objectives you want to attain, you can integrate Salesforce with an ideal platform with ease and efficiency.

Developing Robust Applications

Salesforce helps developers to build responsive and powerful applications using its environment. These applications are low-code and can be developed using point-and-click tools. The technology can be used by developers to create industry-specific applications and get them listed on Salesforce AppExchange.

Building Branded Communities

Salesforce allows users to create branded communities via Salesforce Community Cloud. These groups allow individuals with common interests to interact with each other and share important resources on a centralized platform.

On Salesforce, you can create communities between an organization and its partners, employees, or customers. This helps people with similar issues and vested interests to come together on a centralized platform and communicate effectively.

Being Well-versed With Different Salesforce Offerings

Salesforce is a fairly vast platform with a number of offerings for users with different objectives. Learning Salesforce helps you in understanding platforms like Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Pardot, and many more. This expands your areas of expertise and diversifies your skills.

Why Should You Join Our Training Program?

Ideal For Migrating To Salesforce

If you are an IT professional already working on another CRM platform with different technology, our Salesforce training program would help you in switching to Salesforce with ease and efficiency. The course is designed to guide you every step of the way in adopting Salesforce and being well-versed in the same.

Lifetime Access Through LMS

SFDCGYM provides you with lifetime access to the course materials and resources once you enroll in our live Salesforce training program. Our seamless learning management system helps you in referring to specific topics and subjects of the course anytime in the future after you are through with the program.

Training By Industry Experts

Our Salesforce training sessions are conducted by some of the best experts in the industry. The course is designed and executed by subject matter experts having an amount of experience in the IT industry.

One-on-one Sessions With The Experts

In case you find any difficulty during the course of the Salesforce training program, you can always ask for a one-on-one session with the experts. SFDCGYM facilitates these sessions to clear all your doubts and resolve your issues directly through the industry experts conducting the training program.

Resume Builder Assistance

We are dedicated to helping you build an impressive resume and secure jobs in reputed organizations in the industry. Along with the training program, SFDCGYM provides you with personalized resume builder assistance for 3 months to add the skills you learn to your resume. We help you create a professional resume that would instantly impress recruiters across the board.

Ideal For Non-technical Trainees

Our Salesforce training program is suitable for trainees with little to no insight into the platform. We start the course by introducing the concept of Salesforce from scratch. Even if you are just entering the world of Salesforce and CRM, you will never find yourself lost or confused during the training program.

Exercised For Improved Learning

In order to increase the impact of the training program, we provide you with hands-on exercised related to Salesforce and its offerings on a periodic basis. This would allow you to brush up on the lessons learned and prepare you for the topics to be covered thereafter.

Staying Relevant To Technological Trends

Our Salesforce training program is designed to help you learn tools and features that are in sync with the latest technological advancements in the industry. This would help you stay updated with the prevalent tools and stay in tune with the current trends in the market.

Getting You Industry-ready

Our training program is designed to prepare you for the industry and secure Salesforce developer jobs in renowned organizations. By the time you are done with the course, you would be well-versed with the nitty-gritty details about the CRM platform and proficient with its functionality.

If you are willing to explore the world of Salesforce and attain complete expertise in the same, enroll in our training program today. Get in touch with us if you have any questions before starting your journey with us.